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Ventilation Inspection, Wasaga Beach, ON

Know what you can do for increased energy efficiency at a Wasaga Beach home with our detailed ventilation inspection.

Ventilation Inspection in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Many people do not realize that the V in HVAC stands for ventilation and is an important part of the heating and cooling efficiency. If the air flow is encumbered because the natural ventilation systems are not operating properly, your home could be in danger and utility costs could be higher than necessary. Here at Brick House Home Inspection Services, our home inspection includes a ventilation inspection because we recognize how important this is to enjoying your home for years to come.

There are both natural and mechanical ventilation systems to be checked during a ventilation inspection. We inspect everything, including attic ventilation, attic fans, stove hoods and windows to see if air is flowing where it should and isn’t where it shouldn’t. With a detailed report in hand, you will be able to effect changes that can save you hundreds of dollars during the lifetime you spend in your home.

We have 20 years of experience with construction and renovations, so we feel we are in the best position to not only tell you what is amiss during a ventilation inspection, but also recommend solutions if a defect is recognized. We are WETT Certified-SITE Basic Inspection (Wood Energy Transfer Technology) and use high-tech methods in order to find improper heat transfer that can be driving up heating and cooling costs.

While a ventilation inspection report as part of a pre-purchase home inspection may not stop you from buying a home with a few issues, it does give you the knowledge about repair costs to expect if you proceed, so you can put that into your budget. If the costs will be extensive, you may want to go back to the negotiation table before closing. Giving you all the relevant information you need is why we proudly offer such a detailed ventilation inspection.


Natural and Mechanical Ventilation Inspection

Natural and Mechanical Ventilation
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