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Whether you are selling a home and want to take care of any issues before listing it or you are buying a home and need to know what you are getting into, you’ll find that the home inspection services we offer in the Collingwood, Ontario area will give you the information you need. It isn’t just the big items that you should be concerned about, as several minor items can add up quickly. Here are the most common issues we find during a home inspection.

•   HVAC Issues- You want to know the type and age of the equipment, as well as whether it is operating.

•   Electrical Issues- Some things can be a nuisance, such as a mislabeled electrical panel. Other things, such as an outdated system or overloaded circuits can be hazardous and costly to resolve. Other items like GFCIs, switches, outlets, and light bulbs will also be checked.

Most Common Issues Found in a Home Inspection [Infographic]

•   Plumbing Issues- The overall condition of the plumbing is important to know so you don’t face a possible re-piping cost in the future. Checking the water heater and fixtures is also important.

•   Exterior- A home inspection also looks at the age and condition of the exterior, including siding, roofing, eavestroughs, the foundation, floor structure, doors, windows, decks, porches, walkways, the garage, sky lights, and more. Common issues include foundation cracks, energy loss due to window or door issues, leaks in the roof, and deteriorated wood.

•   Interior- The inspection will look for issues with walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, doors, windows, counters and cabinets.

•   Attic- The attic will be checked for insulation, roof leaks, adequate ventilation, and vapour barrier.

•   Mechanical and Natural Ventilation Systems- Kitchen, bathroom, and dryer venting will be inspected for issues.

•   Smoke & CO Detectors- The home inspection will include checking if these are present and in working order.

•   Appliances- If the appliances are part of the sale, you’ll want to know they are in proper working order. This includes kitchen appliances and laundry appliances.

•   Pests- Signs of infestation or other pests will be visually inspected.