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SITE Basic Visual Inspection (Level 1)

Certified SITE Basic Inspectors are trained to complete a Level 1 Visual Inspection. This type of visual inspection is of the visible and readily accessible parts of a wood-burning system. Its purpose is to determine whether the system meets current standards and regulations, such as those in the appliance or venting installation manual.

As a SITE Basic Inspector, we recommend that the third party or the homeowner contact a WETT Certified, Level 2 Inspector if:

• Your Level 1 inspection leads us to suspect a hidden hazard.

• A more comprehensive inspection or an evaluation to determine system integrity is requested.

• A wood-burning system is not functioning properly or is damaged.

• There are concerns such as smoke spillage, creosote accumulation, etc.

As a Level 1 inspector, we are not expected to take apart any components, such as the stovepipe/chimney connector, rain cap or components of the appliance itself.

Comprehensive inspections are to be completed by a SITE Comprehensive Inspector and are associated with a Level 2 inspection.