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“A sincere thank you to Darcy for a thorough and detailed home inspection report. Unfortunately, we didn’t find our pre-delivery home inspection with our builder very helpful. In contrast, Darcy patiently answered all our questions, and she also educated us on our furnace room. We made a significant investment in our new home. We felt it was very important to have an expert like Darcy check and identify any and all builder deficiencies. We would highly recommend Darcy to other prospective clients.”

David G.

“We are excited to nominate Darcy MacLeod for recognition as an outstanding professional. Darcy is a true gem, combining her expertise, communication finesse, and unwavering integrity in a way that makes her stand out. When Darcy inspected our new home recently, she left no corner unexplored. Her attention to detail was remarkable, and she ensured we understood every aspect of her findings, explaining things clearly and honestly. What really impressed us, though, was Darcy’s dedication to customer service and honesty. Even after we’d settled in, she was there for us, ready to answer any questions we had. And she didn’t just stop at the inspection – Darcy went out of her way to help us get acquainted with the area, sharing valuable insights and making us feel right at home. But what truly sets Darcy apart is her ability to connect with people. From the moment we met her, it felt like we were chatting with an old friend. She made the whole process not just stress-free, but genuinely enjoyable. In summary, Darcy is the epitome of an exceptional house inspector. Her commitment to her clients and her passion for her work shine through in everything she does. She’s an absolute rock star in her field and definitely deserves recognition for her outstanding contributions.”

Nicole & Ray

“What can I say? This was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Darcey was very accommodating of my situation regarding a new property that I purchased and performed the home inspection services in a timely manner. Throughout the inspection, she kept me informed of important issues regarding my property. Darcey’s customer service is amazing, and the overall experience has been fantastic. Will be definitely recommending Darcey to any of my friends and clients within the area.”

Arewin P.

“I can’t help but share how exceptional Darcy has been! Her commitment to timeliness is just the tip of the iceberg. As someone who’s naturally inquisitive, I found a patient listener and an informed responder in Darcy—she never hesitated to dive deep into my barrage of questions. It’s her passion that truly shines through; you can tell she loves what she does and puts her heart into ensuring client satisfaction.

Her communication is stellar—always a quick, clear, and thoughtful response, making me feel completely in the loop. And oh, the details! I pride myself on my attention to detail, but Darcy takes it to another level—it’s meticulousness at its best.

What I appreciated most was her transparency; she set clear expectations from our first conversation, laying out her services with precision. No guesswork, just straight facts and a clear path forward. Working with Darcy has been a breath of fresh air, and I’m beyond confident in her abilities. Trust me, you’ll be in the best of hands!”

Johnny L.

“Good evening, Darcy! My parents and I really enjoyed meeting and working with you. I can’t begin to explain how pleased I am and how happy I am that I selected you for the inspection. Sarah, our realtor, also stated how impressive you were. I can only hope that when people see me performing my job, I display half the amount of professionalism and competence as you do. From our first phone conversation, your thoroughness and passion for your profession were apparent. That combined with your personable and down-to-earth explanations really made me feel more confident in the process.
Thanks again!  Keep making the world a better place one home inspection at a time!”

Reid M.

“Good morning, Darcy. You just completed a home inspection for my son Reilly in the Collingwood area.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent inspection/reports/opinions you provided during the course of your investigation and the high degree of professionalism and ethics you displayed in providing Reilly and his family with those opinions. We need more people who think and act like you in all of our various professions. The contents of your reports and the opinions you expressed may very well have avoided a terrible tragedy. For that, our family is very grateful!! A very big thank you, Darcy! Great, professional work!!”

B.L. and family

“Hi Darcy, it was wonderful working with you. Your verbal presentation and explanation of your findings were clear and easy to understand. You easily developed a good relationship with the clients and were very knowledgeable and confident about your findings.”

G.C., Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage

“Hi Darcy, it was a pleasure having you inspect the house for me and doing such a thorough job at it.

I had no doubts, and I am very pleased with your service. Thank you for the contractors list as well. I will be sure to use this when I need it. Thanks.”

Scott C., Collingwood

“Hi Darcy! Thank you so much. Honestly, yours is one of the best home inspections I’ve been through with a client. You will be top of my list for recommendations.”

K.S., Royal LePage RCR Realty, Brokerage

“My parents and I really enjoyed meeting and working with you. I can’t begin to explain how pleased I am and how happy I am that I selected you for the inspection. Sarah, our realtor, also stated how impressive you were. I can only hope that when people see me performing my job, I display half the amount of professionalism and competence that you do. From our first phone conversation, your thoroughness and passion for your profession were apparent. That, combined with your personable and down to earth explanations, really made me feel more confident in the process.
Thanks again! Keep making the world a better place one home inspection at a time!.”

Reid M.

“Darcy was very thorough in both her inspection and explanation of what she was doing. Both quick and friendly, and our real estate agent actually wants to use her for more inspections in the future.”


“Thank you so much, Darcy, for your knowledgeable and professional inspection. You did a great job communicating with us and explaining all aspects of the inspection process.”


“Darcy was such a pleasure to have inspect our new home, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to have a home inspection done. She came prepared, informed us about everything she was doing and why. She took her time to answer all questions that we had. Her reports were tremendously well laid-out and easy to follow. Thank you, Darcy, for making our home buying experience one where we know we received an A plus report.”

Jay & Lindsay B.

“For the best professional home inspector to hire, Darcy is the one. She is personable, respectful, thorough, knowledgeable and did a great job for my purchase. She is professional and provides a thorough, detailed report. Highly recommend.”

Lynne B.

“Awesome experience. Extremely thorough and professional. Answers any question you ask regardless. If you haven’t called Darcy, you should! I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.”

Mike N.

“If you’re looking for a fair, experienced, thorough and friendly home inspector, look no further than Darcy. With her detailed report, we managed to recoup more than four times what we paid for her services by having the sellers reduce the accepted price we paid for our new home. Our son recently bought a home and had a home inspection, but when he saw our detailed report, he now feels cheated. Thank you, Darcy, and believe me when I say I will be telling everyone I know about your valuable service.”

Shane M.

“Darcy is thorough, informative, and provides a great report, complete with photos and suggestions for improvement. We also greatly appreciated how quickly she was able to provide us with the report, considering the current real estate market!”

Shelby W.

“Darcy, congratulations on being named Small Business of The Year by the Collingwood Chamber of Commerce. This is a job well done and a testament to your client service and commitment to the real estate business.”

Gerard B.

“As a local real estate broker, I’ve had many clients utilize Darcy’s services. She is professional, thorough, knowledgeable and provides excellent follow-up service as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Marg S.

“We have been very impressed by Darcy’s inspection. She is very professional and goes straight to points. We strongly recommended her as a home inspector.”

Olivier & Sandra D.

“In my opinion, Darcy sets a high standard for what all home inspectors should be. Many of the reviews posted here speak of her being knowledgeable, thorough, patient and professional. Darcy is all that and more, including being friendly and a calming influence during what can be a very stressful experience. She spent a lot of time with my wife and I discussing the home inspection and the subsequent detailed report. What I especially liked was how she prioritized items on the report. She explained what issues should be addressed immediately, what things could wait for a while, and what we should keep an eye on. Darcy also spent a lot of time patiently and quickly answering my wife’s panicked texts in the days and even weeks after we moved into the house. She even returned for a visit to go over the report a second time with my wife and me. All in all, our experience with Darcy was exceptional, and I have no hesitation in recommending Darcy and Brick House Home Inspection Services to anyone requiring a Home Inspection.”

Dennis B.

“Everything about my experience with Darcy was first-class. She is professional and detailed. I highly recommend her!”

Gerry K.

“We have used the Brick House Home Inspection Services twice now! I have been impressed with the reports and the attention to detail they offer to the home buyer, and also the most professional manner when dealing with stressed out sellers. I highly recommend this company and will use this company again!”

Darrel M.

“Many of my clients have worked with Darcy. She has always been very professional and thorough, and follow-up is outstanding! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Darcy to anyone for their home inspection.”

Sarah W.

“We have had Darcy inspect two of our homes. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. She also has a positive and cheerful attitude, helping to make the entire home inspection process a very positive one. I have recommended Darcy to many friends and family members!!”

Laurie M.

“Many of my clients have used Darcy for their home inspections, and every one of them was beyond impressed. She takes her time and ensures a thorough and knowledgeable inspection every time. If there is something wrong with a house, Darcy will find it– you can count on that. Darcy takes her role very seriously, and her passion for what she does shows. Thank you, Darcy!!!”

Shelly P.

“She saved us from buying a very rundown home in Stayner. VERY intelligent lady with loads of experience. We will be using her for our upcoming purchase.”

Taylor B.

“Thank you, Darcy. From the moment I made contact with you, I was comfortable having you do the inspection of our new home. You greatly exceeded my expectations, from your speed of service with my short notice to completing the inspection and working late to get the report to me before our inspection deadline. I will sing your name from the rooftops whenever the opportunity presents itself. Best regards.”

John Y.

“I would like to thank Darcy MacLeod. From the very start, she inspired trust and backed it up with a very broad knowledge base. Her experience and thoroughness were apparent as she took us through the house pointing out potential problem areas, but thankfully the many positives about the home.

Because she had previously inspected the house, her description of the property in summer was an unexpected treat. She painted a wonderful picture of the grounds, which for us, seeing them in January, were just a big block of snow.

Her documentation in the report she later provided was clear and concise. My parents were equally impressed by her, and different as we are, we all came away with the same impression of honesty, integrity and reliability. Yes, there are some repairs to be made, but thanks to Darcy, I feel much better about the house.
Thank you so much for making the process so fun while being so thorough.”

Wil McCreath

“It was a pleasure dealing with you Darcy. I’ve never met a home inspector so pleasant and thorough in my life. Thanks again.”

Joe Minard, Meaford ON

“We used Brick House Home Inspection Services for our home purchase in Collingwood. Because of Darcy’s excellent service, top professionalism, and attention to detail, it not only gave us that added peace of mind when deciding to close, but it also made it that we would recommend them to anyone. On top of a very detailed inspection report, which was received within 24 hours, included in the service were RecallCheks on all of the house’s major appliances, and the offer of support should we ever need it. Darcy definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty!”

Dominic and Shanna T., Collingwood, ON

“Amazingly thorough and clear, both in the report and any verbal discussion!”

Virginia Z., Thornbury, ON

“As a realtor, I am always looking for the best service for my clients. Darcy did a great job fulfilling my expectations. She impressed me with her availability and ease of scheduling services.Very thorough and knowledgeable, addressing every one of my client’s concerns and questions with a respectful attitude and patience. Excellent response time with a professional report and followup. My clients loved working with Darcy!”

Elisa Hajducek, Royal LePage Estate Realty, B.Eng.

“We highly recommend Brick House Home Inspection Services for your property purchase home inspection. We were able to contract Darcy on very short notice and her inspection and assessment was very thorough and professional. The final report was provided and outlined all findings in detail including further maintenance and service recommendations. Darcy also took the time after the inspection to sit with us and walk us through her findings. It was an overall very good experience and Darcy has been able to give us a lot more confidence in purchasing our new property. Thank you!”

Bernard Markusic, RBNA/CTG-Mis

“Darcy – I had been in the insurance business for 48 years! I’ve seen a lot of reports – inspections from many different companies! I must say after reading your report, you rank with the best! Thank you!”

William Redick, Clearview, ON

“Thanks, Darcy. You’ve restored my faith in home inspectors! Your knowledge, attention to detail and thoroughness have left me very comfortable with the purchase of this home! And I even got a honey-do-list out of the deal. I’ll be very comfortable recommending you to others who require services!”

A. Rannela, Collingwood, ON

“Our first home – purchased alone as a single mom for my teen children who had never grown up in their own home – was daunting. My real estate agent highly recommended Darcy MacLeod of Brick House Home Inspection Services. I was expecting a guy.

When I saw Darcy, outfitted in pressed tan pants and a crisp white shirt, I thought I had the wrong person. The next few hours she was under, over and through the house with a laser focus. She patiently, carefully and considerately advised me on things to be wary of, offered suggestions for the future maintenance of my new home to augment my investment and its resale value, and generously gave me a list of names for service providers she trusted. No question was a silly question, and she returned free of charge at a later date to ensure I was comfortable with a few concerns before the deal went through.

Truly passionate about both her clients and her exceptional quality of work, Darcy’s reputation is surely unparalleled. The 65-page detailed report with colour photos that she sent, highlighting areas of concern and summarizing essential factors (e.g., materials used), gave me the utmost confidence in my investment.

Brick House Home is the only inspection service you should consider if you want money well spent and peace of mind. Darcy’s not only the best-dressed home inspector by far… she’s a star!”

JF, Collingwood, ON

“We were absolutely delighted by the thoroughness of your home Inspection. The report was detailed but written in layman’s terms that were easy to understand. I would highly recommend your service to anyone needing a home inspection. Thanks so much. Now we can move into our new home with absolutely no worries.”

Gayle Flindall, Collingwood ON

“Very detail oriented, knowledgeable and experienced…exceptional service!

Noda Tsamardos, Collingwood ON

“It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. We want to thank you for the incredible job you did in inspecting our new home. Your attention to detail was amazing and we know, without a doubt, that there couldn’t possibly be one thing you missed. At the same time, we found it very interesting and informative and it was even kind of fun. Thanks again Darcy.”

Barrie and Gayle Wykes, The Blue Mountains ON

“Darcy, thank you very much for your home inspection services. We were absolutely impressed! Punctual, very personable. I don’t think there was a stone left unturned, you were so thorough. You made us feel comfortable and explained everything that you were doing and the reasons why these things were important. Thank you for taking the time after to talk with us, and again going over your findings. It is obvious you know your work. We really appreciate the report you sent to us. Again, very thorough! It gave us a chance to sit and go over everything again with the pictures and explanations so we could make an informed decision. Bright, lovely lady, such a pleasure meeting you. Will definitely recommend your services. Thanks”

Judy & Don Hitchings, Collingwood ON

“Darcy – It was a real pleasure meeting you to inspect our new home. I have had home inspections done in the past but none nearly as thorough and informative as you provided. What I valued most was that I was completely involved in the entire process. You and I walked and talked through every inspection point in a very orderly plan. I was very impressed with your knowledge of home construction and home systems and your obvious passion for providing quality service for your clients. Your written report was so clear in its description with the pictures of the deficiencies and improvement recommendations that it will add lasting value for home maintenance for years to come. Thanks again!”

Tom Crawford, Meaford ON

“You were prompt, personable, thorough, direct, and I loved your energy. I also really appreciated your openness to describing everything as you went and giving tips and advice. You made it much less overwhelming! Thank you.”

Virginia Zarifi, Collingwood ON

“I work for Royal LePage Trinity, and had clients in the past hire Darcy for their home inspection. I meet a lot of different home inspectors in my business and had only met very few that I personally really liked. I found they never took the time for attention to detail, but yet still explaining what they found in a professional manor. Once I worked with Darcy, I knew she would from then on be my “go to” home inspector. Shortly after using her with a client, my husband and I purchased our own home and it was no question at all to call Darcy. She is laid back, yet her attention to detail is fantastic. Everything she finds, she explains and makes it so it isn’t scary but manageable, unless it isn’t and she tells you straight up what she found and what is the next step. I felt extremely comfortable with Darcy, and would recommend her to any of my clients, friends or family. Not only is she great at her job, she continues to stay in touch and helps with advice for repairs, maintenance and fixing. No other inspector to hire but her. Thanks Darcy!”

Jenna Davis, Royal LePage Trinity Realty, Brokerage, Collingwood ON

“Thank you so much Darcy for your incredible service. You were so thorough and helpful to us as first time home buyers and made us aware of any potential problems along with many easy and cost saving solutions. We are very thankful that you were the one to inspect our first home and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!”

Robert Cooke and Kathryn Easson, Wasaga Beach ON

“Darcy, the report was very easy to read and made sense as you had explained most of it when we were with you at the inspection on Saturday. We would absolutely recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. You were a pleasure to do business with.”

Sharri and Earl Contois, Wasaga Beach ON

“Darcy did a fantastic job inspecting our home. She was very thorough, explained each area, any findings and needed fixes as she went through the house. Darcy was friendly and personable, and made our home inspection both enjoyable and very informative. Her report was very detailed (including pictures) and was emailed to us before 5 p.m. as she had promised. I would not hesitate to recommend her – a true professional.”

Kelly D, Collingwood ON

“Dear Darcy, Thank you for all your assistance and excellent advice regarding the purchase of our new home in Thornbury. Your extremely thorough inspection and report allowed us to make informed decisions. Your additional follow up regarding a possible safety issue was greatly appreciated. We recommend your service to other future home buyers. Thank You.”

Penny and Jean Paul LeDez, Thornbury ON

“Darcy was referred to us by someone else who had used her services and we are so happy that we accepted the referral. Darcy was professional, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. She was happy to have us tag along and constantly explained what she was looking at and what her specific recommendations included. Her report was detailed, comprehensive and easy to follow up. Thank you Darcy for a job well done!”

Gale and Phillip Thomas, Collingwood ON

“Darcy from Brick House Inspection Services was not just our home inspector for a couple hours, she was a support to us throughout our whole home buying experience. She happily took our calls and gave us advice before, during, and after our purchase. During her home inspection, she was thorough, professional, and personable. Her knowledge and passion for her job made it clear to us that she would not miss a thing, and we have complete piece of mind about our new home. I will now go out of my way to recommend her to anyone I know buying a home. Thank you Darcy!”

Scott and Krista Lavender, Barrie ON

“Darcy was truly amazing, great personal touch with total professionalism. Everything was explained fully, all questions gladly answered and the entire experience was a pleasure. Makes me want to buy another house so I can use her services again!”

Scott Socol, Orangeville ON

“We were referred to Darcy Macleod at Brick House Home Inspection Services by our real estate sales representatives, Rob and Angiline Dubien of Royal LePage Locations North. We were not disappointed! I required an inspection to be completed with short notice and Darcy was able to accommodate us. Her assessment was thorough and when she had completed the inspection, she spent time with me to review the findings at a high level. In less than 24 hours, we had two thorough reports (one general summary and a detailed report on all her findings) that included succinct comments accompanied by photos with arrows describing her assessment. She was available after we read our report to answer questions and followed-up with us after that to inquire if we were satisfied with the report and if we required any further assistance. My husband and I are thrilled that we chose Darcy and her professionalism and personality is a pleasure to work with. Thank you Darcy…..we are so excited to move into our new home in Blue Mountain and confident that our house is safe for our family!”

Ann Heidebrecht and Larry Deighton, Toronto ON

“Darcy MacLeod, Owner of Brick House Home Inspection Services provided prompt service and a comprehensive inspection report of our new home. She missed nothing. Moreover, her offer of continuing post-report advice is invaluable. Darcy is a professional in every respect.”

David and Jacquie Sims, Collingwood ON

“We recently employed Brick House Home Inspection Services [Darcy Macleod] to report on a house my wife and I are purchasing. We were both very favorably impressed by the level of professionalism and attention to detail reflected in the comprehensive post-inspection written report [with photographs and explanations] that Darcy provided. Recommendations were specific and well documented. As an Information Technology director/manager for the past 33 years, I appreciate the degree of commitment that makes some stand out above others as Darcy does. My wife and I also valued the human touch that put good customer relations on a par with the inspection itself. We were invited to accompany Darcy during the inspection, and noted that the inspection was very thorough. We did not get the impression that the inspection was hurried, or that it followed a “cookie cutter” approach. I have no hesitation in recommending Brick House Home Inspection Services to anyone considering a real estate purchase, or looking for an unbiased report or recommendation on future maintenance items.”

Pat and Tamara Novak, Collingwood ON

“Darcy is professional, thorough and clearly passionate about her work as a home inspector. Darcy recently completed an inspection for us that covered all aspects of the house in real detail and her final report was clear and easy to understand. We really liked the use of the thermal imaging to reveal things we would never have known otherwise.”

Marg Scheben-Edey, Broker, Re/Max Four Seasons Realty Ltd, Brokerage and John Scheben-Edey


“Hello Darcy; I would like to thank you very much for giving us the confidence to remove the conditional offer clause on the home we just purchased in the Blue Mountains. You were able to present a very clean report that helped us make a positive decision on our next home. Thanks for making a stressful exercise so much fun! I would be happy to recommend you to anyone that will require a home inspection in the Collingwood area.”

Darrel May, Collingwood ON

“After hearing that some inspectors don’t give full value for service, we were especially pleased with Darcy’s outstanding level of service and professionalism. Darcy’s knowledge of her industry is current and comprehensive. She identified a few code deficiencies with the electrical system and offered solutions. Darcy quickly and thoroughly researched more obscure items to ensure they met with safety standards. She performed a full roof inspection and gave us timely and easily accessible feedback. It is clear that Darcy is passionate about her business and genuinely cares about her customers. We enthusiastically recommend her service.”

Linda Brydges & Raf Moore, Collingwood ON

“Darcy made the home inspection very easy for me. She was professional and made sure I was kept informed throughout the entire process. The report she prepared was extremely thorough which helped me to make a well informed purchasing decision here in Collingwood. I would recommend Brick House Home inspection Services to anyone that wants to make sure they are making a good investment in their property.”

Gerry Kinna, Sudbury, Ontario

“I found Darcy to be very knowledgeable and thorough. She took the time to explain everything to my client and made it quite understandable in layman’s terms. She also suggested resolutions for the issues she found. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Darcy, Owner of Brick House Home Inspection Services for any home inspection and will definitely recommend her to our buyers.”

Rob and Angiline Dubien, Sales Representatives, Royal LePage Locations North, Brokerage, Collingwood ON

“I am very pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Darcy Macleod, Owner of Brick House Home Inspection Services. My real estate agent gave me a few names to choose from and, in the end, I was most impressed with Darcy’s professionalism and thoroughness. She made every effort to explain the steps that she was taking to ensure there would be no surprises should I proceed with buying the property; and that is most certainly the case. A follow-up checklist that Darcy provided after my purchase was most helpful in completing the exercise. Thanks so much for your expertise and guidance throughout this process and I hope that your business continues to flourish.”

Joanne Steele, Thornbury ON

“We hired Brick House Home Inspection Services for a Maintenance and Repair inspection on the home we live in. A very complete service – on time, courteous, meticulous, followed up with a detailed and complete report.”

Bev & Ernie Philp, The Blue Mountains ON

“I highly recommend Darcy MacLeod, Owner of Brick House Home Inspection Services for your next home inspection. The service I received was prompt and professional not only onsite but after the inspection had been completed. I’d like to mention about the summary report that was provided to us as well. It will be a great go-to document once we get into our new home and begin working on some of the minor items. The summary of minor repair items has been an ideal quick reference sheet and doubles as a shopping list.”

Susan G. Roy, CFP, CPA, CGA, Collingwood ON

“We hired Darcy MacLeod, Owner of Brick House Home Inspection Services for a New Home Inspection. We had some issues getting action from our builder to complete the project. Darcy provided us with an excellent inspection report that allowed us to go back to the builder to get action. Darcy was extremely thorough and professional and found a number of ‘code’ deficiencies that required immediate correction by the builder. We highly recommend Darcy and would use Brick House Home Inspection Services again.”

Frank Foster, President, Foster & Associates Ltd., Collingwood ON