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Roof Inspection, Wasaga Beach, ON

There may be many reasons to get a roof inspection for your Wasaga Beach home, but only one way you want it done – thoroughly!

Roof Inspection in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

The typical roof inspection for a home in Wasaga Beach, Ontario simply looks for loose shingles and leaks that are apparent by being in the attic. Here at Brick House Home Inspection Services, we believe there is more to the home’s roof than that, so our roof inspection includes much more than that. We use a macro and micro approach to find everything from the big problems to the small ones.

In addition to checking the surface of the roof, our roof inspection looks at the chimney, plumbing stack, electrical service entrance, and whatever other components may be located on the roof. Not one square inch is overlooked, so you will have a clear picture of the quality and condition of the home’s roof. We provide a web-based, detailed roof inspection report on its own or in conjunction with a whole-house inspection.

Our roof inspection may be complex, but our communications with you are kept simple to ensure what you need to know is well explained and you are not overwhelmed by the solutions to whatever defect or deficiency was found. With the information at hand, you can make an educated decision about what to do going forward. If the roof inspection is part of a pre-purchase inspection, you’ll be able to decide whether to close on the home or to go back to the negotiation table.

A roof inspection is also a good idea on your existing home from time to time. A small leak can be causing big water damage issues, so catching it before that happens is advisable. If you fear damage after a big storm, call on us for a roof inspection for peace of mind or to use for an insurance claim. We’re here for you for all your home inspection needs.

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