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Plumbing Inspection, Wasaga Beach, ON

A plumbing inspection can spot current problems that are causing water damage in your Wasaga Beach home.

Plumbing Inspection in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

You turn on the water at any of the faucets, and they work fine. So do the shower, water heater, and other water-based appliances. Does that mean everything about the plumbing in that Wasaga Beach, Ontario home is optimal? Maybe not. The only way to know for sure that there aren’t any problems is to call us at Brick House Home Inspection Services to inquire about a plumbing inspection.

We can perform a plumbing inspection on its own or in conjunction with a whole-house inspection for homeowner peace of mind or as a pre-purchase inspection. There are many plumbing issues that are relatively small but can be causing an incredible amount of hidden damage. Even one small drip over time can rot out floors and walls. The moisture issue can result in insect infestations and mold, which can prove to be health hazards. We use high-tech methods to find moisture issues as part of our commitment to providing you with the most detailed and comprehensive plumbing inspection in Wasaga Beach.

If you are looking for an exceptional home and plumbing inspection, you won’t do better than the results you’ll get from us. We promise to be thorough. We are fully insured and hold numerous certifications. We make every effort to stay on top of the latest in plumbing inspection technologies and methods, so you can rely on the results. We know how homes work (or should work), based on 20 years of experience in the construction of homes, so you can rely on us to go over your home with a fine tooth comb and report any defects or deficiencies on site. Call today to schedule your plumbing inspection.

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